Helping Chess players and enthusiasts from different walks of life

The world needs a unique chess organization to motivate beginners and seasoned players to keep playing chess. We seek to help more individuals to sign up for a chess class and play this indoor game so we founded Hiphop Chess Federation.


One of our goals is to promote chess as a sport. We promote and support a wide range of activities and programs that encourage playing of the game.


We want to promote the study and practice of chess in all its forms for chess amateurs. This, we know from experience, is the best way to learn how to play chess and succeed at related events.


We are committed to encouraging chess players and enthusiasts to practice and compete to sharpen their skills at the game for professional chess players. We also push professionals to keep getting better by beating opponents quickly.

Hiphop Chess Federation is a platform that helps people to be the best chess players that they can be

Chess Programs

We have a wide range of chess programs for our members. We aim at advancing chess in all forms. To do this, we have a comprehensive list of chess programs including, chess for a varied type of audience. They include:

Chess for


Women’s chess

Master chess

Chess arbiters

Chess Guide

Enjoy the most comprehensive chess guide written by our professionals and expert chess players. Our guides will take you step by step from simple ideas to the most complex ones so that you can understand chess with ease.

Benefits of Playing Chess

There are many benefits of playing chess for both the young and the old. The indoor game has both physical and mental benefits for long-term players. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from indulging in this indoor game

Our aim is to expand the Game of Chess Worldwide

Both as a sporting and social activity. We also look forward to become a leading chess platform worldwide for everything you’d like to know about chess.

News and Events

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