Mind of Matter II

Hip Hop Chess Federation
Mind of Matter II
February 28, 2009
2355 Folsom Street (@19th Street), San Francisco, CA 94110

The HHCF presents Mind of Matter II. Last year over 500 guest from around the globe participated in a variety  of events including the HHCF scholastic tournament & celebrity life strategies panel. This years event will offer  even more prizes, celebrity guest and other special surprise. Due to high demand and the economic constraints  of many students and their families, the HHCF has formatted this event to be free to the public.

Guest of the Mind Over Matter II event will enjoy a variety of events such as grappling exhibition feature  UFC/MMA fighters, panels featuring RZA (who’s credits include films such as American Gangster, Afro-Samuri  and Grammy Award winning group Wu-Tang Clan) and many more special guest and events throughout the  day.

Every year teachers throughout California travel with their students to enjoy this event.

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