Chess Board Gun Safe

What is a game of chess?

A game of chess is a board game played by two players strategically on a checkered chessboard designed of contrasting colors mostly of black and white. Chess is considered to be one of the oldest board games. It originated India during the 6th century AO and spread all over Asia during the 10th century.

The rules of the game are white moves first and than the players take turns. You need to capture or get one of your opponent’s piece, that is also one goal. The player must simply continue to capture each piece until they reach the and of the game.

  1. The King can move one square horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  2. The Queen can move in any number of square horizontally, diagonally and vertically
  3. The rook can move in any number of square horizontally, diagonally and vertically
  4. The bishop can move in any number of squares diagonally
  5. The knight can move one square along with any rank or file with an “L” motion
  6. Pawns can move forward in one square

The goal of this game is to check to mate the king – the opponent’s principal piece. So the game is won when one king is check and is unable to proceed on the next move. This is called checkmate. The term checkmate originated from the Persian phrase “Shah Mat” which means the “king is dead” or the “king is ambushed”.

Chess has become popular over the years. A lot of chess players have been passionate about the game and has been also creative with their pieces. From the simple black and white chessboards, a lot of Chess Board Gun Safe has evolved out of creativity. It has evolved from the normal chess pieces, chessboard sizing and which colors should be used Anyone can now make their own chessboard with the colors and size based on what they want for as long they have the materials to build it.


What color chess pieces go with a certain chessboard? Or visa versa. Aesthetically speaking, matching is not really a problem here. The pieces should be that the other should have a dark colored tone and the other one is light. What matters is that you’d be able to follow what is needed in the game.

What size of chessboard should be used?. The sizing of the chessboard really matters on you. It’s a personal choice except if used in a tournament, which has specific guidelines that are given by governing bodies on which specific size and board should be used Just make sure that your chess pieces should fit your chessboard. perfectly

What materials should be used in making a Chess Board Gun Safe?

Most chessboards are the mate of woods but there are also some alternatives like veneered boards will keep out wood if it’s not available. Some woods may be expected and unavailable so you may want to replace it with anything that is available on your area Some chess boards are also made of marbles or stone so they look classy but quite heavy. At any rate, it’s not really about the appearance. For as long as you love to play the game you’ll surely enjoy and just simply have fun. Given the availability of the materials needed and your creativity, you can now start playing chess in a custom – built board!

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