Mind Effect of Brisk Walking For A Chess Master

Are you a chess player and you want to gear your exercises to improve your critical thinking skills? Chess in itself is a mind game the nature of the game is such that you are forced to sit for long hours. This leads to muscles tension and muscle pain which you need to exercise first to regain the muscle elasticity. Moreover, you may have all the knowledge but you also need to sharpen your logic and analytical skills to face the next tough chess competition. These exercises must complement the lifestyle of a chess master. That means that they must involve physical exercises. It is important to note that the player may also have some underlying health conditions that may limit them to specific workout programs. Before one embarks on a workout program they need to be in touch with a health professional to give them a clean bill of health to continue with the desired workout.

There are some simple exercise that has a great impact when it comes to cognitive development walk 2 miles in 30 minutes
Walking looks like a simple exercise…

but its impact is marvelous. Its main advantage is the fact that it exercises the entire body which means that the brain will have a run for their function. A chess player may start small especially when he is used to the sedentary lifestyle. As days and week progress then a brisk walking speed for weight loss should be the target workout. Walking has an impact to improve the blood circulation to the vital organs of the body As long as the heart works at optimum levels then you are sure blood is supplied to the brain to allow the player to think straight. Walking gives one a social interaction with nature which further releases tension and anxiety. The stress-relieving hormones are them stimulated and finally, the mood of the chess player is improved. What happens when your organs are okay and you also have a good mood? Your brain will them function properly to the benefit of handling analytical skills ideal for the game.

Walking is a weight loss exercise

When a chess player has a high BMI then there is an effect on the self-esteem of the player. As long as the ego and the self-esteem of a player are interfered with then you are sure that this is one person whose brain will sleep in terms of cognitive thinking. How then will he afford to compete with other players renowned in the game? It is important to take a walk to maintain a healthy weight so that the exercise is just for fitness rather than for weight loss which is even more tasking.

All in all, the best exercise for a chess player should be geared towards general body exercise to stimulate brain activity to work effectively and efficiently. This is a mind game that needs logic and reasoning, otherwise, the player may not have growth in the chess career.

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Water Softener Companies on Organizing Chess Tournament Fundraiser

The chess game is also among the games that are considered the games of the IQs. When organizing a chess tournament fundraiser there are many interests that would love to be part of this noble action. Water softener companies will look at this as the best opportunity to not only participate in the tournament but also market their products. What would be the best way to involve Water softener companies to support the fundraising event?

Here are five ideas that come in handy to bring these corporate entities on board


There are many categories of sponsors which include gold, bronze, and silver. The gold sponsor means that they take care of the cost of the entire event. This does not come as free as it may be. It means that as much as it is a chess tournament, the water softeners will use the platform to create awareness of their presence in the market. The bronze sponsor only takes care of about 75 percent of the cost while the silver sponsor only takes care of 25- 50 percent of the cost, It is now upon them to choose what is best for them. This is the point they involve their marketing companies to take advantage and use the platform to though themselves to the market by marketing and advertising their products.


You need to advertise and run a few campaigns for the event, otherwise, it may miss participants. There are media sponsors who will run various TV and Audio commercials using the influence of the media companies to create awareness of the chess event. They can also use their own channels which include the Email marketing strategies to send public campaigns to players and interested parties.

Distribution of accessories

The power of an event includes some of the accessories which include bangles, caps, t-shirts among other just to add glamour to this chess function. The water companies can take care of the cost but the catch is their brand name must be included in the accessories. Roadshows prior to the event around the hosting city have had an effect on improved participation. The chess organizers might not have the power to manage all these that’s why the water softener company may be incorporated to achieve this objective.

Branded tents

Another way of including the multinational company is by allowing them to put up their own corporate tent complete with their products and personnel at a strategic point on the venue as a way of showcasing their products. This can be at a fee or if they are gold sponsors then they are at liberty to decide what would be best for them as long as the chess tournament organizers also get their share of the bargain.

Purchase of a corporate table

There is also yet another angle involving water softener companies. The organizers may just plan the event and invite them to buy a corporate table. The advantage of this initiative is that you may involve many people on board which will make planning the revenue connection of the event effective and efficient.

Why specifically Well Water softeners for this event?

This is an outdoor event and water is a crucial commodity. The event directly affects their products. All in all, these well water softeners are both durable and economical as well as safe for human consumption.