We started this organization to promote the sport of chess. We promote and support a wide range of activities and programs that encourage playing of the game. Our team is made up of chess players and enthusiasts for the best industry outcomes.

We promote the study and practice of chess in all its forms for chess amateurs.

This, we know from experience, as the best way to learn how to play chess and succeed at related events.

We encourage practice and contests to sharpen your skills at the game for professional chess players. We also push professionals to keep getting better by beating opponents quickly. At Hiphop Chess Federation, we have something for everyone interested in chess.

Our chess community is one of the best and most sociable communities for chess players at different levels. We provide our members with the opportunity to play regular games throughout the season.

Some renowned chess masters started their chess journeys with us.

You can, therefore, rest assured that with our clubs and communities, you’re in safe hands.

With the donations we receive, we also have a charity that survives through donations and bequests.

We use donations to support our members personally or through our programs and activities. Join us today to begin playing your favorite indoor game, chess.

Chess Guide

Enjoy the most comprehensive chess guide written by our professionals and expert chess players.

Our guides will take you step by step from simple ideas to the most complex ones so that you can understand chess with ease.

Our platform and Chess Guide are full of expert wisdom and tips and tricks that’ll take you from zero to an expert in no time. These guides make chess totally easy and fun for you.

Plus, we have advanced guides that our chess masters use and share more complex tips and tricks. Under this category, you’ll find all the tips and guides you may need regarding chess.

Best level possible both personally and culturally


The mission of Hip Hop Chess Federation is to promote chess among adults and kids alike. We target the highest form of chess excellence that both professionals and amateurs can easily attain.


Our aim is to expand the game of chess worldwide both as a sporting and social activity. We also look forward to become a leading chess platform worldwide for everything you’d like to know about chess.

Chess Programs

We offer a wide range of chess programs for our members. We aim at advancing chess in all forms. To do this, we have a comprehensive list of chess programs including, chess for a varied type of audience. They include:

  • Juniors
  • Seniors
  • Women’s chess
  • Master chess
  • League management chess programs
  • Registered chess coach programs
  • Chess arbiters
  • Accessible chess
  • International chess

You’re free to join any program that interests you. You can also move progressively through the different programs until you reach the chess level you desire. We’ll walk with you every step of the way, ensuring your success each time.


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Benefits of Playing Chess

There are many benefits of playing chess for both the young and the old. The indoor game has both physical and mental benefits for long-term players. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy from indulging in this indoor game include:

Based on the essential benefits listed above and much more, playing chess is clearly worth your time and money. What’s more, the benefits are more pronounced in children. We, therefore, encourage children to take up chess as a sport in school or at home.

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