Simple Tricks to Stay Calm During a Chess Tournament

There is more to winning a chess tournament than protecting your king and staying hydrated. For you to analyze your opponent’s moves and make strategic moves, you need to be at your optimal state of mind. It is common for players to feel excited and anxious before and during the competition.

Even after rigorous training sessions, some people still find it challenging to stay calm during the tournament. But how is it possible that you can perform poorly during the tournament than you did during practice?

Chess is a complex game. Your victory will be a culmination of many factors; some can be trained (like strategies and tactics), but you have to deal with (like calming your mind during the game).

One thing that chess players need to understand is that chess is learned in school and at home. At the board, there is no learning, just competition. One way to ensure you are calm during the tournament is to drink enough water many hours before the tournament. This ensures that you do not need to drink water during the tournament or request frequent bathroom breaks.

Below are a few more tips to stay calm and ace the game:

Stay Confident and Lose the Pressure

If you think you can beat your opponent, you will remain calm and strategize your moves. To do that, you need to have confidence in your abilities. You also have to trust your instincts and understand that the training you have gone through qualifies you to win against strong opponents. The easiest way to enhance your confidence is by studying and training. When you do all the work before the competition, you are assured that you have the tools and the moves necessary to beat your opponent.

Even when the pressure to win is so much, you still need to stay calm and trust in your abilities. Irrespective of the direction the game is headed, you need to give your best. It helps to know that you gave your best even if the results of the game did not favor you. This way, you will be more prepared for the next game, and you will learn from your mistakes.

Play Your Opponent But Do Not Underestimate Them

At the board, you need to be flexible in your thinking and your approach to chess. For starters, study your opponent and the moves they make so you can exploit their weaknesses.

One of the mistakes that some chess players make is to underestimate their opponents. No matter the number of tournaments you have won, it is still advisable that you take every game as if it is the first game you have to win.

Take Controlled Risks and Avoid Predictability

The safety path will keep the game on for longer, but it has less reward. Your ability to take controlled risks might be your greatest asset against a competitor. As long as a risk presents a more significant problem to your opponent, it is worth considering.

Even as you assume risks, it is advisable to avoid being predictable. If there are many similarities in your moves in every game, you might lose very fast to your opponents. You also have to avoid other cues that give you away. For instance, your opponent might note that you always sip your water when you see a loophole in your strategy. Avoid that to keep them guessing. If you can deviate from your opening move and other moves, it shows that you are an expert in the game. To do that, you need to have at least three systems so your opponent will find it a challenge when preparing to face you at the board.

Keep a Positive Mind and Be Practical

You will run into trouble during the game. At some point, you will not be sure of a move, but that should not make you fret. Take your time, breath, and look for the best move. Do not let emotions clog your judgment while at the board.

Remember, you are not doing a math test or designing a new water softener system; this is just a game. You need to manage your time to ensure you make good decisions. All moves cannot be perfect, but they need to put your opponent in trouble and get you closer to winning.

Learn from your Mistakes

You will not always win. Sometimes you will lose, but the results of one game should not affect the next. Different opponents will present different challenges. As a player, you need to understand that to win a game even after losing in the previous game. Do not be negative because of a loss and do not fear to lose again.

 You need to reinvent your skills every day by fixing your weaknesses and enhancing your strengths. It takes a long time to master chess, but once you have done it, it is easier to come up with strategies and tactics.


Each game is unique; you face a new opponent with different tactics and strategies. Believing in yourself and staying calm during the game will help you beat any opponent. Your opponent will make a mistake, be ready to pounce.

6 Fun Activities and Events that Can Boost Your Chess Playing Skills

Many things are ostensibly out of human control, making it easy to perceive that external factors entirely influence your fate in life.


Sometimes you’re in total control of your actions and the master of your destiny. With related positive emotions, you can develop a sense of exhilaration, escapism, and enjoyment. These markers can define life to you.

This is the flow state or optimal experience in which you function at your optimal attention, capacity, and focus. In such a state, boredom and fatigue don’t disrupt your functions. The enjoyable experience makes it easy to embark on your tasks just for the sake of it.

When you’re in the flow state, you lose yourself in the action of the moment. Your abilities, focus, and energy are matched to the activity you’re working on. The immediate environment becomes quiet, and you’re able to do things you may have perceived as difficult or impossible to do.

You become a better chess player in the flow state.

Chess players, according to an article published on The Conversation, exhibit superior cognitive abilities to their non-chess playing counterparts. Chess-playing skills have also been linked to intelligence measures such as memory, reasoning, and processing speed.

Other reasons for and benefits of playing chess include:

  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
  • Improves the memory of kids
  • Improves creativity in kids
  • Exercises the brain and improves focus

Whichever is your reason for playing chess or deciding to learn how to play it, you can improve your gaming skills in various ways. Here’re a few ways you can boost your chess playing skills using fun games and activities:

6 Interesting Ways to Improve Your Chess-Playing Skills

  1. Dancing to the beats of your favorite music

According to a study published in the Guardian, dancing can positively affect your neural processing. It can promote the development of new neural pathways running through areas of your brain experiencing dopamine-depleted blockages.

Structured dances such as ballet can promote convergent thinking, meaning you can easily find one proper answer to your problem.

However, more improvised dances such as tap or hip-hop improve divergent thinking. This is when you’re able to find several answers or solutions to a single problem.

  1. Play logic games or puzzles to work out your brain

Work problems backward when playing a brain-enhancing game such as:

  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Sudoku
  • Chess, etc.

This winning strategy applies to realistic situations when engaging in strategic thinking.

Logic games or puzzles build brain muscle to help you develop new techniques for solving problems. Such games are ideal for kids aged two to eight years.

However, the entire family can have a great time playing puzzles. Designed for brain development in kids, puzzles can help develop the following skills in your kids:

  • Coordination
  • Spatial perception
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Cognitive skills

Some puzzles to consider include:

  • Board puzzles and tangrams for younger kids
  • Sudoku
  • Scrabble
  • Crosswords
  • Rubik’s cubes
  • Logic puzzles

Acting as brain teasers, puzzles work for people of all ages.

  1. Watch or take part in cosplays

Cosplays are fun ways to engage the mind and keep yourself entertained doing something you love. The best crossbow can help you boost your chess skills. It trains the brain for better focus and performance.

  1. Play some soccer or football

Studies have shown that there’s a link between sports and your brain’s “executive functions.”

The brain multitasks across anticipating, moving, reacting, strategizing, and performing when in action. It takes lots of brain activity to embark on all these tasks simultaneously.

For instance, you can plan, monitor, reason, and work out problems at the same time when working in the real world. Playing a fast-moving sport such as soccer rewires your brain for faster thoughts, processing, and reactions to problems.

  1. Classic games such as I Spy Games

Your 5 or 12-year-old would enjoy playing the I Spy Games.

Classic games are fun games designed to sharpen your brain. They support brain development in kids, helping them to:

A book like “Where’s Waldo” is designed to help both kids and adults to find a specific item in a noisy, cluttered environment. The games boost kids’ cognitive skills and abilities.

You can also customize scavenger hunts to keep your kids or yourself engaged for hours. For instance, a themed nature scavenger hunt can involve finding the following:

  • A green leaf
  • A flower
  • Grass
  • Water
  • A pink flower
  • Rock
  • A brown leaf
  1. Improvised and end games

Designed for older kids aged 6 to 12 years, improvised games are fun. They support the brain and thus helps achieve the following:

  • Refine brainstorming abilities
  • Improve confidence
  • Enhance spontaneity and decision-making
  • Enhance observation and learning abilities

Improvised games work for the entire family. What’s more, you can play them on the go, anywhere and anytime. As an example, you can improvise a one-word story to engage the entire family.

On the other hand, end games teach the power of the pieces in a game. With a proper understanding of your destination, you’re able to know where you’re going.

Endgame doesn’t necessarily translate to the end of an exciting or fun experience. The game gives room for drama and creativity, including techniques such as zugzwang and shouldering.

Study and practice to boost your endgame. Together with a guide or book on endgame tactics, you can use your chessboard to improve your playing skills.

Setup the right positions on your board to enhance retention and visualization to practice. Make sure you find a worthy opponent to begin with the endgame.

Top 6 Tips to Become a Better Chess Player

Chess is a battle of minds.

Also known as Levon Aronian or Tigran Petrosyan, kids begin to play chess from as young as six years in Armenian schools.

Even so, both men and women, adults and kids play chess.

Dating back more than 1500 years ago, chess is one of the world’s oldest games. It has evolved over the years into what it is today. People from different backgrounds, cultures, and ages have come together to enjoy a common passion and bond for chess.

As a game for the intellectually gifted, chess is beneficial for both the young and the elderly.


What are the benefits of playing chess?

The popular indoor game can raise a child’s IQ and help develop problem-solving skills.

Smart kids play chess…

According to a study of 4000 students in Venezuela, both girls and boys indicated IQ scores post 4 months of instruction on playing chess.

With heightened intelligence, your young ones can easily move the chess pieces across the board. It’s not just an ordinary activity but one that can help your kids improve their IQ scores.

Additionally, life is full of obstacles and challenges. And, due to the lack of problem-solving skills, some problems go unsolved.

Therefore, it’s necessary to prepare your kids for life’s challenges, teaching them to solve issues as they arise and move on. It takes lots of preparation to raise an independent, and confident kid.

Chess can help your kids to develop problem-solving skills and confidence.

Similarly, the elderly can benefit from a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s. The brain is the most active part of the body when playing chess. Regular exercise is the key to a healthy and fit brain that’s free from injuries.

Playing chess, according to a medical study, reduces the risk of developing dementia, and related symptoms. The functioning of the brain improves whenever you play chess. As a result, you experience a reduced risk of developing anxiety, Alzheimer’s and depression.

According to the results of a study published in the New England Medicine Journal, people aged over 75 years who engage in mental exercises such as chess have a lower risk of developing dementia than their peers who don’t play board games.

Other benefits of playing chess include:

  • Promotes the growth of dendrites (neurons and neural cells) in kids
  • Enhances spatial and analysis skills
  • Exercises the brain and boosts memory
  • Improves creativity and focus or concentration
  • Improves planning and prediction or foresight skills
  • Brings people together and builds confidence
  • Calms the mind under pressure and teaches how to win and lose
  • Treats schizophrenia and fosters therapy and rehabilitation
  • Improves kids’ reading skills
  • Fun and supports socialization

6 Tips to Becoming a Better Player at Chess

Nobody was born a good player at chess. Even without intellectuals, you don’t need studies or to be a genius to start playing the game. Playing chess regularly can make you smarter.

Advanced chess players begin playing the game as novices with little intelligence. But with practice, they became more intelligent and improve their IQ.

Here’re tips to become a better player:

  1. Know the rules and play lots of games

Review the basic rules of moving pieces and special chess rules to become a serious player. Knowing the rules of playing chess is the beginning of learning how to play. Learn how to:

  • Setup the board for playing chess
  • Move the pieces
  • The castle as part of the special rules of playing chess
  • Make the first move and know who does so
  • Win a chess game
  • Follow basic strategies of playing chess
  • Practice playing

After you’ve known all the rules of playing chess, play lots of games to master the skill. Playing different chess games involves repetition to help you master the game.

Whether you’re at home or moving up and down, play lots of chess games to improve your playing skills. It’s also necessary to review every game you play.

Every chess game presents opportunities and mistakes to learn from. Use automated computer analysis to better understand every chess game you play.

  • Practice with chess puzzles and analyze fundamental endgames

The techniques of playing chess are problems in bites waiting for a solution from you. Chess puzzles represent actual game scenarios with an opportunity to win.

Although it’s similar to playing chess, you skip to where you’re already a winner. Consider free chess puzzles to help you develop chess-playing tactics.

Some chess games only end after multiple moves and most, if not all, pieces have been traded away. This means that such games don’t end fast.

Kings and some pawns are usually left behind. In endgames, your focus is to promote the remaining pawns to queens.

The skill to navigate endgames is key in winning several chess games. Practice common endgame drills to improve your chess playing skills and become a better player.

Analysis can help you avoid the mistakes you made when playing the game under analysis.

  • Drink lots of water to boost your brain’s performance

According to a study published in Medical News Today, drinking a significant amount of water can improve the reaction time of your brain. The performance of your brain is boosted whenever you drink water.

Drinking at least three cups of water increases your brain’s reaction time by up to 14%. Cognitive performance is directly dependent on the consumption of salt-free water.

Drinking more of it is good for your cognitive abilities and performance in playing chess.

Similarly, sleep can easily improve your brain performance to become a better chess player. The best water softener from you can help ensure that you only get clean water to drink at all times.

  • Double-check your moves and avoid wasting time with openings

Avoid making bad moves when playing chess. It takes a blunder to lose a chess game.

Double-check your pieces before making a move. This safeguards your king and ensures that you don’t give out your pieces freely.

Memorizing openings is a waste of time.

Don’t waste time memorizing chess moves or openings. Players know only a few openings and/or rarely play an opponent’s particular lines even if they know the openings.

Learn opening principles from the moment you begin to play chess to avoid the need to memorize them.

  • Learn from experienced chess players

Another way to become a better chess player is to play with experienced players and learn from them. Ask for advice from them to help guide your games.

Find out an advanced player’s favorite chess book to boost your playing strength. Ask them what to study that’ll foster your aim of becoming a prowess at playing chess.

Let them share with you some important endgames to explore and the chess games to analyze. Ask experienced players to share with you the best endgames to play and analyze.

The experienced player can be a grandmaster, a chess coach, a relative, or even an opponent who won the game.

  • Practice, practice, practice

It takes practice to make your chess playing skills and knowledge perfect. Practice with at least 10,000 puzzles or games, use chess apps, and take part in local tournaments to improve your playing skills.

With consistent practice, expect your chess playing skills to improve. Find the best water softener to ensure that the water you drink to improve your brain performance is clean and salt-free.

Homemade Welded Chess Set Using TIG Welders

The welding s a skill that you perfect over time. It is made simple if you have the right tool for the right function. A TIG welder is one such tool that allows you to get perfect well-jointed places that display a touch of class and style in welding. The main reason why people opt to use this welding process can handle even thin and thick metals with minimal effort. This is because the TIG welder has user-friendly selector switches that support both the simple and complex welding operations. When it comes to the chess set then you will not get disappointed with this tool. It will give all it takes to make sure that you have a standard chess set ideal for international competitions.

Some of the main features of the welding process that supports chess set manufacturing include

Chess is a game that is renowned for the high-end people in society. These are people who are very particular when it comes to the gadgets that they use. A TIG welder uses a non-consumable electrode which helps in shielding of gases that are responsible for the gaps and poorly jointed areas. You need to have a metallic chessboard that is flat. You have already overworked your brain thinking of the next move against your opponent. You do not need to spend more energy on a rough surface due to poor welding workmanship.

A chess set needs to be very thin to an extent you wonder which is the welding process that can get the best design. You will never go wrong with the TIG welding process. You will not only get high-quality welds but also a superior welding work.

What happens when you need to deal with a jointed welding process yet you have a challenge in the metal rod? This is only possible with this special welding process that can be done whether you have a filler metal or not. From an economic point of view then this is a good way of saving in welding costs without compromising on quality.

Heat is a major component in the welding process. You must just have the right heat level to get the best of the chess set. The heat control systems that are in the TIG process are the main determinant of the best welding work that it produces. See also

Cleaning up or rather polishing the metal to get a smooth filling is yet another issue you have to look at in welding. This is a welding process that is responsible for splatter and slag removal. It is a process that you will finish and you almost have a complete chess set. You do not need to have more cleaning work thanks to the digital technology that it uses in the process of handling the welding work.

This is the machine behind the high-quality metallic chess board and set in general. The technology was meant to address the many limitations the previous technologies had when it comes to the execution of welding works.

Mind Effect of Brisk Walking For A Chess Master

Are you a chess player and you want to gear your exercises to improve your critical thinking skills? Chess in itself is a mind game the nature of the game is such that you are forced to sit for long hours. This leads to muscles tension and muscle pain which you need to exercise first to regain the muscle elasticity. Moreover, you may have all the knowledge but you also need to sharpen your logic and analytical skills to face the next tough chess competition. These exercises must complement the lifestyle of a chess master. That means that they must involve physical exercises. It is important to note that the player may also have some underlying health conditions that may limit them to specific workout programs. Before one embarks on a workout program they need to be in touch with a health professional to give them a clean bill of health to continue with the desired workout.

There are some simple exercise that has a great impact when it comes to cognitive development walk 2 miles in 30 minutes
Walking looks like a simple exercise…

but its impact is marvelous. Its main advantage is the fact that it exercises the entire body which means that the brain will have a run for their function. A chess player may start small especially when he is used to the sedentary lifestyle. As days and week progress then a brisk walking speed for weight loss should be the target workout. Walking has an impact to improve the blood circulation to the vital organs of the body As long as the heart works at optimum levels then you are sure blood is supplied to the brain to allow the player to think straight. Walking gives one a social interaction with nature which further releases tension and anxiety. The stress-relieving hormones are them stimulated and finally, the mood of the chess player is improved. What happens when your organs are okay and you also have a good mood? Your brain will them function properly to the benefit of handling analytical skills ideal for the game.

Walking is a weight loss exercise

When a chess player has a high BMI then there is an effect on the self-esteem of the player. As long as the ego and the self-esteem of a player are interfered with then you are sure that this is one person whose brain will sleep in terms of cognitive thinking. How then will he afford to compete with other players renowned in the game? It is important to take a walk to maintain a healthy weight so that the exercise is just for fitness rather than for weight loss which is even more tasking.

All in all, the best exercise for a chess player should be geared towards general body exercise to stimulate brain activity to work effectively and efficiently. This is a mind game that needs logic and reasoning, otherwise, the player may not have growth in the chess career.

Water Softener Companies on Organizing Chess Tournament Fundraiser

chess compete

The chess game is also among the games that are considered the games of the IQs. When organizing a chess tournament fundraiser there are many interests that would love to be part of this noble action. Water softener companies will look at this as the best opportunity to not only participate in the tournament but also market their products. What would be the best way to involve Water softener companies to support the fundraising event?

Here are five ideas that come in handy to bring these corporate entities on board


There are many categories of sponsors which include gold, bronze, and silver. The gold sponsor means that they take care of the cost of the entire event. This does not come as free as it may be. It means that as much as it is a chess tournament, the water softeners will use the platform to create awareness of their presence in the market. The bronze sponsor only takes care of about 75 percent of the cost while the silver sponsor only takes care of 25- 50 percent of the cost, It is now upon them to choose what is best for them. This is the point they involve their marketing companies to take advantage and use the platform to though themselves to the market by marketing and advertising their products.


You need to advertise and run a few campaigns for the event, otherwise, it may miss participants. There are media sponsors who will run various TV and Audio commercials using the influence of the media companies to create awareness of the chess event. They can also use their own channels which include the Email marketing strategies to send public campaigns to players and interested parties.

Distribution of accessories

The power of an event includes some of the accessories which include bangles, caps, t-shirts among other just to add glamour to this chess function. The water companies can take care of the cost but the catch is their brand name must be included in the accessories. Roadshows prior to the event around the hosting city have had an effect on improved participation. The chess organizers might not have the power to manage all these that’s why the water softener company may be incorporated to achieve this objective.

Branded tents

Another way of including the multinational company is by allowing them to put up their own corporate tent complete with their products and personnel at a strategic point on the venue as a way of showcasing their products. This can be at a fee or if they are gold sponsors then they are at liberty to decide what would be best for them as long as the chess tournament organizers also get their share of the bargain.

Purchase of a corporate table

There is also yet another angle involving water softener companies. The organizers may just plan the event and invite them to buy a corporate table. The advantage of this initiative is that you may involve many people on board which will make planning the revenue connection of the event effective and efficient.

Why specifically Well Water softeners for this event?

This is an outdoor event and water is a crucial commodity. The event directly affects their products. All in all, these well water softeners are both durable and economical as well as safe for human consumption.

How A Rowing Machine Can Help Chess Players

Are you a chess fan? Do you know how to play chess? For many, it is easy to give a yes answer simply because you know all the rules regarding the play. Chess games are one of the very fascinating games in the world today. Many people including the old and young people usually engage in chess competitions globally simply because it’s a less involving game. It fits both the weak and the strong simply because it requires just the mind game. However, have you ever know why you have never attained the greatest success in your game? If not, then it’s the time you should know that physical exercises are very fundamental. Apart from attending weight lifting and track athletes, having a rowing machine can greatly impact towards achieving your success and the general body health. Let’s look at how machines can help you as a chess player.

First and foremost, a rowing machine is a very effective instrument that will help you maintain the aerobic processes inside your body. They help the lungs and the heart healthy all the time because they will receive all the oxygen they need. This helps in dealing with heart relayed diseases such as heart attack. As a chess player, you definitely need to be aerobically stable while in a competition so that you can concentrate fully. Secondly, fitness is what the body needs the most in whatever activity you are in The body needs to be active always. A sowing machine stretches the body thereby opening up the vessels which boost blood flow inside the body. When the flow of blood is maintained at normal levels, the transportation of nutrients and oxygen in the inner body tissues is made more effective and this helps in keeping the body active. Activeness will enable chess players to think critically in making the right decisions and moves. A rowing machine will give your body the enthusiasm it needs so that you can play effectively.

Furthermore, not many exercises can effectively burn the excess fats inside the body since most of the fats are usually hidden in the inner body tissues. However, rowing machine exercises are one of the manageable intense physical exercises that burns the calories in the body properly. Swiftness is always needed in any sporting activity including chess. Various findings have shown the effects of rowing machine before and after pictures for chess players who want to lose weight and there are very vivid pieces of evidence of this machine. However, allowing obesity to take control of your body will hinder you from attaining your chess goals but rather expose your body to the risks of many diseases. So if you need to be a champion buy one rowing machine for yourself.

Nevertheless, chess players need to be mentally active and in a position of taking quick reflexes. Being physically active has an effect on mental health too. In some instances, chess competitive can take even the whole day. It’s therefore important to be quick in making reasonable moves. Sawing machines helps in stretching various body organs that include triceps, biceps and opening up the chest and shoulders. All these will help them remain active without feeling any exhaustion. It is therefore important to know that working out using a rowing machine can help chess players become better competitors.

SUMMER Break Camps

SUMMER Break Camps
Where Fitness of the Mind, Meets Fitness of the Body

SUMMER IS HERE! Don’t let your child spend the summer in front of the t.v. or stuck in day care – SEND them to HHCF SUMMER CAMPS!

Fitness of the Mind and Body is the core of everything the HHCF believes in, so it’s only natural for our camps are a combination of focus on  physical fitness (aerobic and self-defense activities) and mental fitness (chess & life strategies).

From chess to physical fitness, participants will receive dedicated and focused training that will encourage growth of positive life and  academic skills in every individual. Our goal is to challenge campers both physically and mentally with new materials and activities, to  reinforce solid foundations that are invaluable in school and in life. Every camp is different offering a variety of options to participants.

Chess players will engage in a variety of topics from opening principles, middle game tactics, various endgame strategies, and puzzles. HHCF Entrepreneurship Camp program will introduce young minds to the business industry, they will explore putting their ideals to work for  them, how to create a business plan and more. Cheerleading and Hip-Hop programs include choreography, fun crafts related to cheer and dance.

So if you want to keep your child’s mind and body active, then this is the camp program for you!

Mind of Matter II

Hip Hop Chess Federation
Mind of Matter II
February 28, 2009
2355 Folsom Street (@19th Street), San Francisco, CA 94110

The HHCF presents Mind of Matter II. Last year over 500 guest from around the globe participated in a variety  of events including the HHCF scholastic tournament & celebrity life strategies panel. This years event will offer  even more prizes, celebrity guest and other special surprise. Due to high demand and the economic constraints  of many students and their families, the HHCF has formatted this event to be free to the public.

Guest of the Mind Over Matter II event will enjoy a variety of events such as grappling exhibition feature  UFC/MMA fighters, panels featuring RZA (who’s credits include films such as American Gangster, Afro-Samuri  and Grammy Award winning group Wu-Tang Clan) and many more special guest and events throughout the  day.

Every year teachers throughout California travel with their students to enjoy this event.